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Earth Day – 22nd April. So, is it Over?

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    Every Day Earth Day

    Earth Day. When is it Next?

    So like every year this year too Earth Day was celebrated on 22nd April, what a superb feeling switched off light for 1 hour, planted a sapling, took out a rally, clicked photographs, gave big interviews, etc. etc.

    Today its 23rd, tired of yesterdays activities, need some rest.

    So very well its over now hmm.. Ohh. Ohhh… sorry, my bad.. it isn’t over yet, 22nd April 2023 is next when we gonna celebrate it. It must really be tough thing to do, for most of the environmentalist to wait for one more year to celebrate one of the biggest event, credited to Mother Earth.

    Media coverage, big shows, big interviews, normally don’t happen for rest of the 364 days, so who cares, lets save all the words, all the makeup for next 22nd April, and let’s show to the world how much we care for the environment on Earth Day.

    I have a question, suppose if we were genuinely interested in Earth Day, if we really cared for the cause, then do we really need to celebrate this on a particular day, shouldn’t it, just be a part of our daily routine? like how we do the morning chores, how we eat everyday, shouldn’t we care to save electricity everyday? and if we were doing so, then would there be any need to take out a specific day for the cause? as then there would had been no environmental issues as such. The only fact that we need to take out a day for this cause shows how genuinely we are not interested in the cause, but more interested in some other stuff.

    Let’s make each day Earth Day…

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