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Halogen Sensor

1 LEAP Technologies today has become a renowned name in the field of Halogen Sensor. With an Expert & an experienced team 1 LEAP always strives to get quality assured products for its clients. All our products are thoroughly checked and only then are dispatched from our warehouse.

Application Areas For  Halogen Sensors

Boundary Walls
Factory Gate
Store Rooms
Border Security
Office Areas
Warehouse Areas

What are Halogen Sensors?

A Halogen Sensor or Spot Light Sensor is a High Watt Halogen Light or LED connected with PIR Motion Sensor, these lights are very effective for security purpose.

How does a Halogen Sensor work?

Halogen sensors are Halogen Light or LED High Watt Focus light connected with PIR Motion Sensors, when some moving object comes in the range of PIR Sensor, the system gets activated and lights ON the Halogen or LED’s. When the object moves out of range after preset time the light switches OFF. These sensors lights are very effective for security purpose.

Advantages :

  • Since halogen is connected to PIR Sensor, considerable amount of energy is saved.
  • Light turns ON only when required.
  • When not required light remains in switched OFF mode.
  • Very effective for security purpose, to frighten away unwanted intruders.
  • Along with light an additional Siren can also be connected to the system, which helps in frightening unwanted intruders, and alerting the security.

Halogen Sensors are a great energy Saving device, and very effective for Security purpose, to frighten away unwanted intruders.