Save Today For Better Tomorrow



With over 16+ years of Industry Experience, we are industry veterans, and  have closely watched the industry needs. Our team has a wide range of experience of working with different sectors like automobile, food, financial, technology, power, etc. having accumulated knowledge from different fields, we are here to give back to the society, what we have gathered through our enriching journey.

One thing is for sure, there are certain aspects of business which always remain same be it any industry. We have seen companies go through their hay days and through the rough phase also. Few of our teammates have been entrepreneurs for them selves in past, we know what a penny means in business. Every company’s focus, on EOD is the bottom-line growth. Focus is to increase profitability, our experience says just increasing margins and sales doesn’t get you to the top, or even if it gets, it’s hard to stay there and maintain that position.

As the saying goes “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned“, similarly increasing margins may be a good idea, but at the same time cutting down on unnecessary expenses also is a fantastic thing.

1 LEAP Technologies, as the name suggests, we always try to take 1 more LEAP ahead for providing our customers with better Innovative, Cost Effective and Premium Quality products. We are in this business of providing Energy Saving Solutions because of our core value of saving our environment for our future generations to come. We offer products that can save you a considerable amount of electricity every month, thus reducing our carbon foot prints.

Though our dream is to be a company that can provide our customers Products & Services ranging from a needle to an airplane, but we have decided to go slow and steady, taking one step at a time and trying to master it, so that we can do justice to our work and to our customers as well.

If you have reached till here, reading this, we really thank you for the precious time that you have spared. We wish you good luck, for your endeavors in life, and at the same time we even look forward to seeking your blessings.

Our Believe

1 LEAP is a customer-focused & customer-centric company and thus we believe, better quality products and better services can only be made possible by continuous interactions with our customers. We believe in listening.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a company that can provide its customers products and services ranging from a needle to an airplane, and at the same time being respectful to our  Mother Nature.

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