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1 LEAP Technologies

A company that believes,

If our Human Legacy must stay then our

Future Needs to be taken Care Off

Welcome to 1 LEAP family and let’s pledge together to Save not just for ourselves but for our coming generations as well. A company which is into Sensor Business not just lets you automatically cut down your monthly Electricity Bills but also provides a Sense of Safety, Security & Pride when you install our Smart Automatic Sensors.

1 LEAP Technologies

Cut Down Your Electricity Bills

Installing 1 LEAP Energy Saving Sensors means cutting down monthly electricity bills. Savings around 50 – 80% can be easily achieved for appliances that are connected to Sensors.

Affordable Pricing with Great Service

At 1 LEAP we work really hard to provide our customers with a perfect blend of reasonable pricing & better after sales service. We are just a call away to help you save Energy.

DIY, Ease of Use, Convenience

All 1 LEAP Sensors comes with an instruction manual, our products are easy and convenient to use, installation can even be done by you at home. Very good products for the DIY enthusiasts.

Feel Great for your Contribution

Installing 1 LEAP Sensors means cutting down electricity bills, that in turn means saving electricity, saving nature, reducing our carbon foot prints. Something to really feel proud off.

Who Are We?

With over 16+ years of Industry Experience, we are industry veterans, and  have closely watched the industry needs. Our team has a wide range of experience of working with different sectors like automobile, food, financial, technology, power, etc. having accumulated knowledge from different fields, we are here to give back to the society, what we have gathered through our enriching journey.

One thing is for sure, there are certain aspects of business which always remain same be it any industry. We have seen companies go through their hay days and through the rough phase also. Few of our teammates have been entrepreneurs for them selves in past, we know what a penny means in business. Every company’s focus, on EOD is the bottom-line growth. Focus is to increase profitability, our experience says just increasing margins and sales doesn’t get you to the top, or even if it gets, it’s hard to stay there and maintain that position.

As the saying goes “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned“, similarly increasing margins may be a good idea, but at the same time cutting down on unnecessary expenses also is a fantastic thing.

1 LEAP Technologies, as the name suggests, we always try to take 1 more LEAP ahead for providing our customers with … Read More….

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