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Microwave Sensor

1 LEAP Technologies today has become a renowned name in the field of Microwave Sensor/Energy Saving Sensor. With an Expert & an experienced team 1 LEAP always strives to get quality assured products for its clients. All our products are thoroughly checked and only then are dispatched from our warehouse.

Application Areas For  Microwave Sensor

Store Rooms
External Lighting
Office Areas
Warehouse Areas

What are Microwave Sensor?

A Microwave Sensor is an electronic sensor that measures the reflection of microwaves from the objects, in order to tell whether or not those objects are moving.

How does a Microwave Sensor work?

Microwave sensors emit microwave pulses and then measure their reflection of objects, in order to tell whether or not those objects are moving. These are also very sensitive, but they can sometimes “see through” nonmetallic objects and so might detect moving things outside of the target range.

Advantages :

  • Microwave Sensors are a very effective way of energy saving.
  • Microwave Sensors are very sensitive, even a slightest motion can be detected.
  • Microwave Sensors can be very effectively used for security reasons.
  • Microwave Sensors can not only be used to connect with light but also with other equipment’s & appliances.
  • With the availability of LUX knob day/night setting can be very easily done.
  • As per your convenience you can set the time duration for the connected load to switch off automatically.
  • Some places where Microwave Sensors can be used are hospital, super market, library, grocery stores, parking area, garden and many such public places.
  • Having no movable part life of sensors is quite long approx.. 4-5 years.

To sum it all Microwave Motion Sensor are a great energy Saving device, which can drastically cut down your monthly electricity bills.