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Recessed Mount Magnetic Switch

1 LEAP Technologies today has become a renowned name in the field of Magnetic Switch. With an Expert & an experienced team 1 LEAP always strives to get quality assured products for its clients. All our products are thoroughly checked and only then are dispatched from our warehouse.

NO Magnetic Switch
NC Magnetic Switch

NOTE : –

In our NO switch the Reed that is used is NO, so when a magnet is brought near, it becomes NC. Our NO switch which comes with white wire, if its connected to Door with a light, so when door is closed that means when both Reed and Magnet are in close vicinity to each other, circuit will be closed and there would be current flow, so the light will be open.
When door opens and both Reed and Magnet are far away from each other, then there is no current flow as it becomes NO and light will be switched OFF.

To summaries it, “Door open Light OFF and Door close Light ON”

NC switch is exactly opposite of this, when Door is close Light will be OFF and when Door is open and both Magnet & Reed are far away Light will be ON. NC switch comes with Black colour wire.

Magnetic Sensors find applications in vast areas, from simple position sensing in doors, to more complicated ones used in the military, to more sophisticated cellular phone radio frequency (RF) switching electronics and in the medical industry.