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Advantages of Magnetic Reed Switches in Finished Products

Advantages of Magnetic Reed Switches in Finished Products Magnetic Reed switches have several advantages that make them a popular choice […]

What is a Magnetic Reed Switch?

What is a Magnetic Reed Switch? Magnetic reed switches are simple yet effective electrical devices commonly used in various applications […]

Occupancy Sensors Usage

Uses of Occupancy Sensors Occupancy sensors are devices that detect the presence or absence of people in a room or […]

Magnetic Switches – Difference between NO and NC

NO or NC? Let's check it! Hi friends, being a manufacturer of Magnetic Switches we constantly face a question from […]

Earth Day – 22nd April. So, is it Over?

Earth Day. When is it Next? So like every year this year too Earth Day was celebrated on 22nd April, […]

Motion Detectors, a new way to look at it!

Motion Detectors, a new way to look at it! Many of the clients regularly ask me, we are already using […]

Air Curtain Sensor

Air Curtain Sensor - Let's know it! Hi! before we dwell into what an Air-Curtain Sensor is, lets talk a […]

Know Your Reed

Know Your Reed! The reed switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field, used to control the flow of electricity in […]

Energy Saving Tips for Lighting

Make Energy Saving a daily habit. Use these tips and start saving today:   Make the most of natural light. […]

Preparing Your Home Before Vacation

Ready for a vacation? Your home should be too! Careful planning can not only help protect your home and your […]

Installing 1 LEAP Energy Saving Sensors means cutting down monthly electricity bills. Savings around 50 – 80% can be easily achieved for appliances that are connected to Sensors.